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How to Decorate Your Apartment: Wall Decor

With my move to New York City just a month and a half away, I have been searching the internet for apartment decor. With these searches, I am finding more than I can possibly fit into my little shoe-box sized apartment, so I want to share the wealth through a series of posts on my blog with great deals and styles to furnish your college or post grad apartment! Today’s post will be highlighting wall decor. Where to Shop for Posters ...

Gift Idea: Luhvee Books Review

Recently, with the end of college, I have been feeling a need to make photo books and put my memories in print. Something about flipping through a book of pictures and written memories makes me feel a whole lot more nostalgic than scrolling through a Facebook album. After hours making scrapbooks and a few too many paper-cuts, Luhvee Books reached out to me and I could not wait to try out their service! Its an online fill in the blank book ...
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How to Make Money Off Your Closet

Spring cleaning might be over, but if you’re like me, graduating from college and moving to a new city, it is only beginning. As someone with a tendency to hoard things, I have trouble letting go to that hot pink Kate Spade handbag that I haven’t worn since Freshmen year. Not anymore! I have found a few amazing ways to make money off the items in my closet. Now I have some free space, extra cash, and a lot less to move to my ...

Create a Healthy Lifestyle in 21 Days

I’ve heard it said that it takes 21 days to create a habit. So after continuously hearing my vegetarian friends talk about how they had to make sure they ate enough protein in a day, I decided I should start thinking about what I eat each day and put a little more effort into living a healthy lifestyle. I have always thought about making a healthy choice when eating or picking between two options, but I never actively thought about the ...