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5 Best Ice Cream Places in NYC

Every time I see a yummy looking ice cream on Instagram, I take note. At this point in the summer, I have probably had more ice cream than anything else in New York City. Don’t worry—I’m not sad about it. My physical gain can be your gain too because today I am rounding up the best of the ice cream places in NYC.

Trust me—you want to try them all!


Chickalicious Ice Cream Places in NYC

Chickalicious was by far my favorite ice cream place. It is soft serve inside a churro cone that is lined with nutella. I know. I found heaven and you need to go also. Make sure to bring a friend with you because this $10 cone is quite large and perfect to share! Plus, sharing makes saving a few dollars.


Milk Ice Cream Places in NYC

Milk is easily one of the places I have seen on Instagram the most, and for good reason. It was delicious. It tastes exactly like…you guessed it…MILK! I would highly recommend getting the crunch topping. I have gone twice and once got the sprinkles, as shown above, and I think the crunch was much tastier. It gives you the exact taste of enjoying a big old bowl of cereal. Only better and sweeter!

Black Tap

Black Tap: Ice Cream Places in NYC

Not exactly ice cream, but I would consider milkshakes one in the same. Black Tap has a line that goes around the block, but it is worth it for the experience (and the photo). The milkshake it self is pretty basic in flavor; however, the toppings, especially the chocolate circles, are amazing. They have a unique flavor that really makes the milkshake worthwhile!

This is another ice cream I would recommend sharing. It is huge and $15 dollars, so splitting it will save your wallet some pain.

As far as the wait goes, the key to getting in quickly is to be flexible. A man came out because there were two spots available at a table. The only catch? You had to order food in addition to the milkshake. My friend and I quickly volunteered and were able to cut the entire. Making our wait a 45 minutes instead of two hours…


Amarillo: Ice Cream Places in NYC

If you like gelato, you will LOVE Amorino. You can pick any flavors and have them constructed into a beautiful flower. I choose tiramisu and pistachio, so the colors are a bit dull, but it was amazing.

Big Gay Ice Cream

I completely forgot to take a picture of my ice cream here because I was way too excited, but trust me. It was good. I ordered the Salty Pimp, which is vanilla soft serve with dulce de leche, sea salt, and chocolate dip. It was absolutely amazing and honestly quite different than most other soft serves I have had. There are two locations, so

Know More Ice Cream Places in NYC?

If you know of other Ice Cream places in NYC that I need to try, please let me know!

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~Alana Robin

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  • This post makes me so happy! I’m always on a quest for yummy NYC desserts :) Big Gay Ice Cream Shop was the only place on this list I’ve been to, so I’m excited to check out the rest! Have you tried Sprinkles ice cream? They’re known for their cupcakes but their red velvet waffle cone is AMAZING and tastes just like cake. It’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten haha
    paige • eyeliner wings & pretty things