5 Minute Ramen Hack

College. Between running from class to attending club meetings, hectic is an understatement. I spend my days busy as a bee, so when I get home I want to have some delicious food. Sadly, I only have have so much time to cook and so much money in my bank account. Recently, I have gotten a little crafty in the kitchen though, and came up with a ramen hack that can be done in under five minutes.

5 minute ramen hack



  • 1 Package of Ramen
  • A handful of Frozen Veggies
  • A handful of Kale Spring Mix
  • 1 Egg

All of these ingredients are likely already in your fridge and cost roughly 2 dollars! Now that’s a meal my wallet can appreciate.



Once your water has come to a boil, toss in your ramen and frozen veggies. These should take roughly 4 minutes to cook.

Tip: Make sure you have the seasoning in the whole time the ramen is boiling. This helps the veggies soak up the yummy flavor!



While your ramen and veggies are cooking, spray a little cooking oil in a tray and crack an egg. I usually leave the egg on high heat for about 60 seconds, then flip it for another 60 seconds.



Once your egg is done, there should be about a minute left for your boiling ramen. For this last minute, add in your kale spring mix. Tips: Saving the lettuce for the last minute keeps it from shriveling up and getting over cooked.



Now that everything is cooked, put it all together in a bowl and add your seasoning for the complete ramen hack. I added a bit of crushed red and black pepper, but would also recommend hot sauce if you want something super spicy!


As always on Sophistication and Sparkles, my goal is to help you get great deals! For under $2, you can make this dish. As a college student, I know the budget struggle, so I always want to share options that are fabulous, yet affordable. This post is especially near and dear to my heart, because I love yummy and fast food ideas. I aim for things to be well below your average price range, so you too can be like me—ballin’ on a budget. 
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  • Be

    This looks really good! I never add anything to my ramen and sometimes it feels very boring. I should try this!

    Be | lovefrombe

    • alana robin

      It is honestly so yummy! You won’t regret trying it :)