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Alana Robin: Behind the Gloss

At age 8, I decided I wanted to be a fashion designer. I was convinced the perfect career for me would be full of stilettos and glamour.


At age 12, I decided I wanted to be an author. I had just spent all the money I had to my name on Amazon. Reading every young adult novel, I was quickly convinced I should write them too.

At age 14, I heard that Oprah decided she was retiring her show, and I decided there was no reason to be an author if I could not be featured.

At age 15, I decided that I should be an Editor of a Magazine. This job would combine my love for girly literature and fashion.

At age 16, I began volunteering for The Brides Project, a non-profit wedding dress boutique in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I fell in love with the service industry and helping to make a woman feel beautiful.  Clients would come in with hopes of finding a dress that made them look decent. We would make them look and, more importantly, feel beautiful. This was when I decided I wanted to work in hospitality and customer service in some capacity. It was also when I discovered the YouTube beauty community and began my own channel, Alana Robin. I have since retired my channel to blog and focus on school work; however, my love for trying new beauty products has not subsided.


At age 18, I started college in Upstate New York studying Hospitality Management at Cornell University.


I am now figuring it out, as any normal college student, and do not know exactly what I want to do. I have worked in hotels and corporate offices, created content for the Dormify blog, and, through my course work, learned about the business of making people happy.



  • To impact peoples lives through my work
  • To bring a smile to anyone and everyone
  • To inspire others

Most of all, I WANT TO LOVE WHAT I DO.

~Alana Robin

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