Best Holiday Romantic Comedies


I don’t know about you, but I love a good romcom.

I also love a good holiday movie, so when you put the two together it is pure perfection. This year, I was scrolling through Netflix and realized that I have seen almost every single one. With nothing new to watch, I decided I should turn this sad fact into a list of all the best, and cheesiest, holiday romcoms.

  1. Holiday in Handcuffs: This movie is amazing. Melissa Joan Hart is hilariously awkward and Mario Lopez is not to bad on the eyes. The movie follows Melissa’s character kidnapping Mario to keep her parents from thinking she is single. Classic plot line with many funny twists! Where to watch: xfinity On Demand or ABC Family (aka Freeform??)
  2. Becoming Santa: This movie follows the daughter of Santa as she discovers if her boyfriend will be fit to take on the job of Santa Clause one day. It is super cheesy and sweet-the makings of a great holiday movie. Where to watch: Lifetime or xfinity On Demand
  3. Christmas Mix: A famous radio host moves to a radio show in the middle of nowhere. Naturally, the experience humbles him and leads him to love. Haylie Duff is in it, and if that isn’t enough of a selling point I don’t know what is. Where to watch: xfinity On Demand
  4. Holidaze: Classic holiday amnesia style movie with the twist of a love story. Jennie Garth is one of the stars, so that’s how you know it is really really good. Where to watch: Netflix or ABC Family
  5. Christmas Bounty: Awful, but still great, this movie follows an ex-bounty hunter trying to hid her dangerous past from her fiancé. Where to watch: Netflix or ABC Family or xfinity On Demand
  6. A Christmas Kiss: A girl with a not so great job, and an awful boss, falls in love with her boss’s boyfriend. Where to watch: Netflix
  7. Chalet Girl: More of a winter movie than a holiday movie, it stars the rugged Ed Westwick. I don’t think you need more reasons to watch… Where to watch: Netflix
  8. Holiday Engagement: Another classic fake fiancé movie. Seriously, these are not rare around the holidays. Where to watch: Netflix or xfinity On Demand
  9. Christmas Cupid: A high powered corporate lady is forced to look back at her life and the way she treats people. Naturally, she finds love along the way. Where to watch: xfinity On Demand or ABC Family
  10. Desperately Seeking Santa: This movie is about a marketing plan to find the sexiest santa in town…sexy santa then turns out to be quite the charming guy. Where to watch: xfinity On Demand or ABC Family

What are your favorite holiday movies?



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