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College Gift Guide for Girls

Thanksgiving is over, which means the retail world is in full on holiday season. Personally, I love the holidays and shopping for gifts. My mom and I always spend Black Friday at the mall shopping for everyone on our list, and−despite the crowds−I love picking out fun presents for family and friends. Plus, Black Friday gives you a little kick in the butt to make quick decisions and move on, instead of dwelling on one gift for too long. ...
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Business Casual Attire on a Budget

With summer here, it is officially internship season. I, personally, love working. What I love more than working? Business casual attire. I find wearing work clothes to be the ultimate game of dress up. Not only do I get to act older than I feel, but also I get to look the part. As I get ready to move to New York City for my internship this summer, I want to expand my wardrobe. Last summer, I actually ran into a bit of a problem. I—for some ...

How to Budget: College Summer

With finals finally in my rearview mirror, I am starting to plan for my big move to New York City for the summer. I could not be more excited for the adventure that lays ahead, but I am so know that with adventure comes expenses—many expenses. To get the most out of my summer and say yes to new experiences, I create my very own college summer budget plan. Today, I want to help you plan your own budget! College is a time to experience new ...

Crutches on a College Campus

So, I have been on crutches for a few days now, and wanted to lend my insight into being on crutches on a college campus. It isn’t easy—especially if your school is as hilly as mine—but it is definitely manageable with these few tips! Shorten the Length of Pain Regardless of if you are on a college campus or not, you can shorten the length of a sprained ankle a few simple ways. Go to the doctor ASAP: They will give you crutches, an air ...