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Where to Shop for Spring Break Sunglasses

Spring break is almost here, which means its time to shop for some good deals on some new sunglasses. I personally like to find good deals on glasses because I am constantly loosing or breaking them…so spending under $50 is a good way to prevent tears. is an amazing site to find and customize affordable prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. How it Works While I got sunglasses, this is a great place to ...

Sneaker Trend Done Cheap

As a girly girl growing up, I was never one to wear sneakers. When they became trendy last fall, I continued my habit and avoid the trend. Well…I finally embraced the sneaker trend, and I love it. Nothing has every been so comfortable and so stylish at one time. If you’re like me, you like good deals on trendy items. Today’s post is a big round up of the trendiest sneakers I could find for under $50 each. Sneaker Trend for ...
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Business Casual Attire on a Budget

With summer here, it is officially internship season. I, personally, love working. What I love more than working? Business casual attire. I find wearing work clothes to be the ultimate game of dress up. Not only do I get to act older than I feel, but also I get to look the part. As I get ready to move to New York City for my internship this summer, I want to expand my wardrobe. Last summer, I actually ran into a bit of a problem. I—for some ...

Spring Shoes Cheap: Under $50

  Spring Shoes Under $50 by sophisticationandsparkles featuring a french platter With Spring in the air, I could not be more excited to break out my sandals. Months of trudging through the snow in boots has me more than ready to rock some pastel shoes. As a college girl with a shoe addiction, I am always trying to find trendy spring shoes cheap. I find that shoes under $50 can be very good or decent quality, which is all you need for ...