College Gift Guide for Girls

Thanksgiving is over, which means the retail world is in full on holiday season. Personally, I love the holidays and shopping for gifts. My mom and I always spend Black Friday at the mall shopping for everyone on our list, and−despite the crowds−I love picking out fun presents for family and friends. Plus, Black Friday gives you a little kick in the butt to make quick decisions and move on, instead of dwelling on one gift for too long. Seeing as I am already in the holiday gift giving mode, I thought I would make a college gift guide for girls that has a wide variety of items for various budgets and relationships.

Gifts For Your College Daughter

The Powered Headboard

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Picture me. Freshmen year. Dangling off the side of my twin bed trying to reach my phone. I know, not a pretty vision. Most dorms, do not have outlets in sensible locations, so it becomes extremely difficult to reach your phone or even computer charger to your bed. As many college girls know, your bed is your main work space, so this is a problem.

I was lucky enough to have Cheyenne Products reach out to me to try their powered headboard. Guys, I am so impressed. I wish I had this as a freshmen to help me through those long days of reaching a few feet from my bed and trying to balance.

This headboard is equipped with a long cord out the bottom to plug into a far away outlet with a regular plug and 2 USB ports on the top. It also comes with mounting screws and command strips so you can pick how to hang it up! I used the command strips for easy removal. It is an amazing gift in the under $150 range for your High School Senior or College Freshmen!

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Beats by Dre

I personally do not have Beats, but most of my friends do. These headphones are supposed to be the best option for when you’re in a crowded library because they can drown out the noise around you and enable you to focus. A lot of my friends won’t leave the house without them, so they are great gift in the $100-300 range, depending on which model you purchase.

Beauty Subscriptions


Beauty subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving. There are a few options and they can be 100% customized to your budget, which is perfect! You can gift someone one month, two months, three, a year, whatever you want, and they keep showing up on their doorstep so the fun doesn’t end at your holiday celebration.

$10 Subscriptions

  • Ipsy: I am subscribed to Ipsy and love it for a few small samples of wonderful makeup brands. If you want a peak into what to expect, check out my September or November reviews.
  • Birchbox: I have never subscribed to Birchbox, but I have been to the NYC store.  They have a great assortment of products from skincare to makeup to hair care and arrive in a cute box each month.

$21 Subscriptions

  • Glossybox: This box has larger products from the same and some more luxurious brands than Ipsy and Birchbox. I’ve been watching reviews of this box for ages and think it consistently has wonderful products. The best part? You get a discount the longer you subscribe.
  • Boxycharm: This box also provides larger products from luxurious brands. For $21 a month, it seems like a great box to give as a gift. Your daughter—or friend/ niece/sister—will get to try out full sizes of some fabulous beauty products. Based on the law of competition, they also provide discounts the longer you subscribe.

Gifts for Your College Friends

Trendy Jewelry

Oh hey, Forever 21. You have such cute and trendy jewelry for under $5. If you have a secret santa or gift exchange coming up, trendy jewelry is the perfect gift because it is affordable, but still useful for whoever you give it to!

Quirky Mugs


Who doesn’t love hot chocolate on a cold day when you’re on a budget and can’t turn the heat up much higher? Quirky mugs are the perfect gift for friends, and if you go to TJMaxx, they can be under $5 as well!

TV Fan Shirts

My best friend got me a Bachelor shirt for my birthday, and I thought it was the perfect gift. We always watch the show together, so a fun Graphic T was the perfect token of our friendship. Plus, it will be great to wear while we watch when the show returns in January!


To a movie, concert, play— whatever is within your budget! It is always fun to give a gift that also serves as a fun outing for you and a friend.


As always on Sophistication and Sparkles, my goal is to help you get the most out of life during your college years and early twenties. Certain things are worth splurging on—hey, upcoming Spring textbook order—but others aren’t. I hope that this college gift guide gave you some unique and basic gift ideas without breaking the bank!

~Alana Robin

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