Crutches on a College Campus

So, I have been on crutches for a few days now, and wanted to lend my insight into being on crutches on a college campus. It isn’t easy—especially if your school is as hilly as mine—but it is definitely manageable with these few tips!

Shorten the Length of Pain

Regardless of if you are on a college campus or not, you can shorten the length of a sprained ankle a few simple ways.

  • Go to the doctor ASAP: They will give you crutches, an air cast, and lots of other things the will help you stay off your foot. In addition, they can do an X-ray and ensure that you have no broken bones. To be completely honest, assuming it will get better in a day or two is the worst thing you can do. It will only prolong the healing process.
  • Elevate and Ice: As soon as it happens, elevate and ice your ankle. This will bring down the swelling and help you before you’re able to get to a doctor.
  • Stay in Bed and watch movies (or do homework): Staying in bed all day to deal with a hurt ankle sucks, but it is also necessary to speed up your bodies healing process. Anytime I am in my bed I keep my foot elevated on a few pillows. After the first day, elevation doesn’t help that much with healing, but it will help you to keep the foot held steady and out of harms way!

Getting Around Campus

If your injury is a long one, look for a campus sponsored car service. My campus has a ride program in place to drive you from place to place if you are injured; however, signing up for it is a huge hassle. With only 3 days left of classes, I am coming up with my own transportation. Here are my tips if your school doesn’t offer rides for people with crutches on a college campus.

  • Get friends to give you rides: I will be working around my very generous friends’ schedules this week and spending a lot of time in the library. Even if the timing isn’t right, getting friends to drive you is the easiest way to get around without having to walk uphill one mile on crutches.
  • Taking the public bus: My campus doesn’t have its own bus system, but the public bus goes super close to my apartment and the building most of my classes are in. Anytime I need to, I will be taking the bus this week. It costs a few bucks, but is well worth it!
  • Hobble: Hobbling around on your crutches is a last resort, but you make have to do it. For me, I can walk on my foot with some pain, but it is not worth enduring the pain for a few minutes because it will just make the sprained ankle last longer! Endure the pain in your arms and hobble along…

Have a positive attitude

It sucks. Life sucks. You are feeling super clumsy. BUT stay positive!

Being positive will just make it that much easier to get around and take the necessary precautions. If you are grumpy, you will likely be stubborn about using crutches, icing three times a day, and finding rides. If you are positive, people will offer to drive you and be glad that you are making the most out of a not so great situation!

Having crutches on a college campus will definitely be an inconvience, but you can still do everything you want to do! If you have an event, still go. There is no shame in sitting off to the side. You will have a much better time doing that, than sitting alone in your bed!

If you are reading this post out of more than curiosity…FEEL BETTER SOON! 

~Alana Robin

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