How to Decorate Your Apartment: Wall Decor

With my move to New York City just a month and a half away, I have been searching the internet for apartment decor. With these searches, I am finding more than I can possibly fit into my little shoe-box sized apartment, so I want to share the wealth through a series of posts on my blog with great deals and styles to furnish your college or post grad apartment! Today’s post will be highlighting wall decor.

Poster from Modern Map Art

Where to Shop for Posters

Posters are one of my favorite forms of wall decor because they can show your personality and bring pops of color to dull, rental-unit white walls. I tend to find posters and prints from many different stores and am always rummage through the clearance racks to see if there are any fun finds.

Modern Map Art: This online shop is an amazing place to find quality prints that will highlight your hometown, favorite ski slope, or somewhere else meaningful. I love these because they are conversation starters. Every time someone sees my Stratton Mountain one, as pictured above, they ask me about it. Talking about my favorite ski slopes and all my great memories there is an added bonus to seeing the trail map everyday. In addition to personalizing your map by location, you can also pick any size to custom fit it to your space.

Disclaimer: Modern Map Art gifted me this print to review. All options are still my own though, as always! 

TJMaxx: Everyone knows I love TJMaxx. Great deals and great designs fill their aisles and you never know what you will find! A lot of my wall art comes from their clearance end caps.

Target: Another great store for affordable wall art, Target always has something quirky and fun!

TJMaxx Set of 4 Kelly Wall Mirrors

Source: TJMaxx Set of 4 Kelly Wall Mirrors

Where to Shop for Mirrors

Mirrors are wall art that is completely necessary for small spaces. Finding cool mirrors that can add some depth to a room is a great way to make your space seem larger. I love the sets of 3 or 4 small mirrors that can be placed above the side of a bed. I think they add a fun pop and often look fancier than they actually are.

TJMaxx: Consistently stocked with mirror sets for under $15, this is definitely my favorite place to shop for mirrors! HomeGoods also always has good options.

Where to Shop for Frames

Frames mean you can make your own wall art! Recently, when I travel, I have been trying to take lots of good photos of the landscapes and architecture to print out and frame for my own gallery wall.

Dollar Tree: Frames don’t come cheaper than one dollar! Dollar Tree has many options and can be upgraded with a little paint and some bedazzling.

At Home: Recently, I discovered the world of At Home. They have easily 3 aisles of cute and basic frames at great prices.

Source: Target Oh Joy! Dotty String Lights

Source: Target Oh Joy! Dotty String Lights

Where to Shop for String Lights

Another great decoration for small spaces is string lights. They brighten up the room and give a happy, romantic illusion. While I love the plain white string lights, recently I have been looking at some more fun options that can double as wall decor and lighting.

Target: Target is pretty much my one stop shop. Their string lights come in many shapes, colors, and styles.

Amazon: We all know the wonders of Amazon. If you’re willing to spend time digging throguh the search results you can find some amazing deals!


As always on Sophistication and Sparkles, my goal is to help you get the most out of life during your college years and early twenties. That includes deocrating your new apartments on a budget without sacrificing style! I hope that this post gave you an idea of how you can find better deals.


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