DIY Marble Desk: Temporary Paper

I have recently become a huge fan of marble. I think as such an elegant look, while still being fun. As a college student, I cannot afford nice things. Old mismatched furniture from my landlord is all you will find in my apartment, so I wanted a way to spruce things up. I found this awesome marble temporary paper and was instantly intrigued. I figured that if I could change the look of my things with a simple sticker, that would be pretty amazing.

When I first saw this paper, I definitely had a few reservations about the ease of application though, so here is my step-by-step guide to how to use it!

DIY Marble Desk with Marble Temporary Paper


  1. Measure your desk, and simply cut along the grid.
  2. Peel and place. This step is a little difficult because you want to avoid air bubbles. I found the best way to do it to be gradually peeling off the back as I put it down, as seen in the picture.
  3. Drawers: for the drawers you want to cut out a piece to size and then mark it at the knobs.
  4. Once you mark the knobs, cut a hole. Once you peel off the backing, you can easily shove the desk knobs through the whole and apply the sticker. I did end up having air bubbles with the drawers though, so I would recommend cutting larger wholes for the knobs to avoid making my mistake!
  5. Marble Temporary Paper

Overall, I am quite satisfied with my temporary paper purchase. Not only was it easy to apply, but also it looks amazing and has a nice finished feeling. My favorite part about it is that it adds some personality to my room. I think most college apartments and dorms have pretty boring furniture, so temporary paper is a great way to liven a space. I would definitely recommend this product and temporary paper as a whole. I think it would even make a good back splash for a kitchen or bathroom as well!


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  • These came out so well. I bet this would work amazingly with floral or a patterned paper too! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  • bluerobin

    I love this idea of refurbishing old pieces of furniture. This came out really cute. I did something similar, but I used stencils and paint. You should try that next time as an alternative.

  • That looks like a fun way to spruce up a room for cheap! I know college dorm rooms can be hard to spruce up. That looks fun!

  • Michelle Mink

    it looks like the drawers could be a bit tricky but the top of it looks amazing. what a nice idea to spruce up the furniture

  • LaQuinda Pollard Brewington

    Talk about an affordable way to get the look that you want. I love it.

  • Aliza Hale Biorn

    What a fun and affordable way to change the look of your furniture.

  • Love the idea!

  • Aida Arain

    What a great and easy inexpensive project! There are so many high-end furniture stores that have marble topped coffee tables and side tables, and this would work perfectly as a quick design update :)

  • Such a great idea!!

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