DIY Shut Eye Pillow Case

I have always been a huge fan of pillows. This past year, I upgraded from a life stuck in a twin bed, to a full bed. Needless to say, I was quite excited. I think most people would be happy to just have some extra space. Not me! I am happy to have more room for more pillows. Okay, so that was partially sarcastic, but I really do love a bed full of pillows. Recently, I found a pillow I really liked, and decided to make a shut eye pillow case.

I currently have about 10 throw pillows on my bed, so these new pillows are a great addition! They look adorable when placed next to each other, or you can make one pillow with both eyes. That is probably my favorite part of making things myself; you get to customize items to your exact specifications.



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As always on Sophistication and Sparkles, my goal is to help you get great deals! With this DIY video, I show you how to find something on the internet and make it yourself for a fraction of the price. As a college student, I know the budget struggle, so I always want to share options that are fabulous, yet affordable for your lifestyle. I aim for things to be well below your average price range, so you too can be like me—ballin’ on a budget.

~Alana Robin

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