DIY Sunglass Organizer

With finals behind us, it is time to throw on some shades and head to the beach. I am a bit of a sunglass addict myself, and am constantly looking for new ways to keep my sunglasses organized. This DIY sunglass organizer has been the perfect solution for me because not only is it simple and small, but also it creates a work of art out of those cool mirror glasses I bought and have only worn twice…


DIY Sunglass Supplies

  • Frame
  • Stapler
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Paint brush

Step One


Remove the glass and backing of your frame and paint it your favorite color! This will personalize any old from you have lying around the house, or even a frame from the Dollar Tree, like mine.

Step Two



Once you frame is dry, cut a piece of string to the width of your frame. This is where you get to be a little creative: Do you want the frame vertical or horizontal? Do you want two rows of sunglasses or one? Do you want the sunglasses to overlap?

I, personally, choose to keep my frame simple with only one horizontal row of sunglasses. I figured my frame was only an 8″ by 10″  which proportionally held one row best. I plan on possibly making one or two more frames and hanging them on the wall as art.

Step Three



Once you have the proper length string, you can secure it with a simple staple! I found the staple to be more than strong enough, but if you need some extra reinforcement, I would recommend a dot of hot glue over the staple.

Step Four

IMG_4670Now that your frame is complete, it is time to slip on the sunglasses and style it in your room! I plan on bringing mine back to school with me in the fall, so merely propped it against a wall. Once I get back to school, I will secure it to the wall using Command Hooks. They are perfect for a dorm or apartment because they can be easily removed without damaging the wall.

If you try out this DIY sunglass holder, be sure to send me a picture of it—and your sunglass collection—on Instagram, @alanarobina.

~Alana Robin


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