Goals for 2017 Success!

After a few weeks at home de-stressing from a long semester, I was thrilled to ring in 2017 last night! Now that the year has started it is time to set some goals for 2017. For the past couple of years, I have been setting goals to accomplish in 2017 instead of resolutions. I find goals easier to accomplish! Unlike resolutions, you can break a goal, so there’s no giving up. Some of my goals I am 99% sure I will accomplish, but others are harder.

Milestone Goals for 2017

  • Graduate from College
  • Move to New York City
  • Start my Career

Travel Goals for 2017

  • Go to at least 3 states I have never been
  • Travel Europe and try new foods along the way

Fitness Goals for 2017

  • Run a 5K without stopping to walk
  • Run a 10K (let’s be real- I will have to stop and walk a bit)
  • Complete a Sprint Triathlon (Swim 0.5 mi, Bike 12.4 mi, Run 3.1 mi)
  • Go to the gym/run everyday for 1 month

Foodie Goals for 2017

  • Develop 3 creative (and filling!) salad recipes for the blog
  • Go one month without Pizza (I love pizza. This will be very difficult.)
  • Try one new restaurant every week for a month
  • Go two weeks without eating out (I know I won’t be able to do a month)

Financial Goals for 2017

  • Save 3 months worth of expenses in an emergency fund
  • Don’t buy anything but food for one month (gotta curb that shopping obsession)
  • Keep track of my budgets each month

I encourage you all to set some goals for yourself and check them off this year. They are a great way to stay motivated and be the best you!

Throughout the year, I will be coming back to this post to give updates and will also be posting about some of my accomplishments as full posts! Stay tuned and let me know what your major goals are in the comments.

~Alana Robin

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