Let’s Get Fit: Winter Break Edition


The last time in life that you get a month off just because it is winter.

I usually spend mine binge watching Netflix, eating baked goods, traveling with family, and catching up with high school friends.


This year, I plan to not only do exactly that, but also to get fit and stay active. As much as I love not leaving bed all day, it’s really not a good idea.

This post is all about my plans and tips to getting fit while still living your life. It is not about losing weight- just about actually focusing on your fitness and health.


Track my movement: I plan to wear a FitBIT the entire break. I will make sure that everyday I get at least 15,000 steps. If I am not at 15,000 steps at the end of the day, I plan to run up and down my parents stairs until I am. That seems like good motivation to be the one to offer to get the drinks from the kitchen during a family movie night…

Weekly goals: It is honestly never above 50 degrees in December in Michigan, so I plan to take full advantage of the ‘heat’ and run one mile or bike eight miles at least 4 times a week when I am not on vacation.

Pre-bed yoga: My roommate sophomore year swore by doing 5 minutes of yoga before bed. I plan to start doing this during winter break and see if it helps me get a solid sleep the way it did for her! I will update you with how this works for me.


Eat on small plates: Not only does this help you to control your portion size, but also there a psychological affects on how full you feel. According to Roger Dooley’s Brainfluence, you eat with your eyes first. This means that regardless of plate size, if a plate looks full you will feel fuller after eating.

One holiday cookie a day: I am all about not depriving myself, and I also know myself too well to think that I won’t eat any holiday cookies while home. It is sad to say, but limiting myself to one a day would be a huge improvement to last year.


When I travel with my family, I find that we eat out for pretty much every meal. Eating out can be extremely unhealthy, so I try to follow a few rules while I travel.

Split meals: Splitting and entree is the perfect solution to quantity control. Most dishes are way too large to eat in one sitting and chances are, if you are me at least, you will eat way more than you need just because it is on your plate.

Order an appetizer or a salad: If no one wants to split with you, order an app or a salad! I personally could not eat salad every meal, but find that ordering apps is a good trick too. Usually the difference between a crab cake meal and a crab cake app is just that the app has no sandwich bun and fries. Definitely better off skipping the fries…

Skip the Fries: I love fries. So much. However, I tend to give in and order them whenever I am traveling. This break, I am going to try to substitute fries for literally anything else. The best part? I am traveling with family so I can steal some of their fries to get the yummy goodness without eating a whole side myself!

Keep up the walking: This should be easy, as I am usually quite active while on vacation. I won’t be able to go on runs or bike rides though, so I want to make sure I find other ways to stay be active.

What are your best tips for staying active on break?


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