New Year’s Trip to Manchester, Vermont


I have been a little MIA this week because I just spent the past week on a trip to Manchester, Vermont. I had an amazing time and wanted to share some of my travel tips if you are ever traveling and find yourself changing plans!

The Plan: From the beginning, the plan was to visit my boyfriend’s family and ski for the week leading up to 2016. I used to ski when I was younger, and was excited to get back out there and pick it back up.

The Reality: The weather is a fickle thing. With almost no snow and consistent rain, so we wound up not skiing at all. That said, I had an amazing time! Probably even better than if I had skied and fallen on my face a few too many times…


Things To Do During a Trip to Manchester, Vermont

  • Hike Mount Equinox: I am not quite sporty enough to hike the whole thing, but my boyfriend and I did find our way around. We took a nice 4 mile hike to a beautiful pond and the view was unreal. I would highly recommend it and can only imagine that it is stunning all times of year!
  • Outlet Shopping: There was amazing outlet shopping there. The streets are lined with cute outlet stores. It is completely different than any outlet center I have been to before. Instead of being set up like a consistent strip of stores, they are mostly cute individual stores that have a classic New England look. In addition to the amazing ambiance, the post holiday sales were amazing!
  • Southern Vermont Arts Center: This was a cute museum that takes about an hour to walk through. It had a gorgeous variety of works from local artists.
  • Northshire Bookstore: Easily one of the cutest bookstores I have been to in a long time, this one has a great atmosphere and an adorable cafe to grab lunch. It is a must-see for any trip to Manchester, Vermont!
  • Stratton Mountain: Even if you can’t ski, the mountain is still a great place to walk around and check out the ski shops and eateries.   Trip to Manchester Vermont

With so many things to be thankful for from 2105, I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for me. Happy New Year!



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  • Hiking sounds fun! That’s something I wish I would’ve done when I was living in New England. There is so much to see out there!

  • Vermont has always been on my list of travels. But, I never seem to make it there. Maybe 2016 is the year. That snow just looks so inviting!!

  • I had a roommate in college from Vermont. It sure looks beautiful!

  • shopannies

    what a beautiful place to go visit I never been there but your pictures tell a beautiful story